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Are you in need of a duplicate copy of your electricity bill? We’re here to assist you! Select your electric supply company from the options below, Fill in the reference number, and you’ll receive a duplicate of your electricity bill in a matter of seconds.

lesco electric bill LESCO

Not sure about your electricity company? Let us find it for you. Please choose your city below and we will take you to the relevant billing web page:

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You can also check your ssgc bills here!

To find out which electricity distribution company operates in your city, follow these steps: Firstly, choose your city from the provided options. Once you’ve selected your city, click the link below with your electricity distribution company.

This will redirect you to the company page where you can view your bill and check the electricity bill amount and due date by entering the reference number. You can also get bill email alerts on your mobile phone by subscribing to a monthly bill email service.


How i can check the electricity bill?

To access your electric or gas utility bill online, you only need two pieces of information: the bill reference number and the name of the billing company. If you are in Lahore, you will search for the LESCO Bill, while citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can obtain their duplicate electricity bills from IESCO. To locate your specific billing company, you can utilize the city dropdown menu provided. Once you have selected your company, you will be directed to their billing page, where you can enter the reference number to check your bill.

If you’re wondering about the account number, it’s important to note that when you want to check or pay your electric utility bill, you don’t need to search for the account number. Instead, you should focus on locating the reference number. In case you wish to determine the bill amount after the due date, you can find that information in the full bill view located at the bottom of the bill.

Please note that it is not possible to check the bill using other details such as your name, meter number, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, or address. The 14-digit reference number, which can be found on any old bill copy, is essential for bill verification. As for the consumer number, currently, only the reference number is utilized for checking or paying the bill.

If you still have any questions or uncertainties about how to check your electric utility bill (bill kaise check karen), please don’t hesitate to ask us.

How to reduce the bill amount?

There are many ways to reduce your electricity bill. like lights and appliances are off when not you need. Use energy-efficient LED bulbs and consider using power-saving settings on electronic appliances. Properly insulate your home to minimize heating and cooling energy loss. use only natural light during the day and utilize curtains or blinds to keep the heat out in summer and retain warmth in winter. and unplug devices that are not actively being used. Regularly maintain and clean your cooling and heating systems to ensure optimal performance. Lastly, encourage energy-saving habits within your household, such as taking shorter showers and washing laundry in cold water.

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